21 May 2015

abandoned love

Abandoned Love is a project by Peyton Fulford, who transforms private thoughts, random messages and diary entries that people send her via tumblr into banners and places them on abandoned buildings in the city of Columbia, Georgia - that way those heartfelt words are everyone's, those feelings of abandonment belong to all of us who have ever felt like that before.

Fulford states: 

"With this project, I wanted to materialize a private moment by sharing it publicly. I think it is interesting to transform the intangibility of the internet into a tangible creation that is viewable not only online but also in the real world."

:: image source :: peyton fulford

11 May 2015

...and then one day

You've been in darkness
loneliness, and nothingness
for so long. 
And one day,
without you really noticing it,
you'll be moving into
the sun, and in love 
with the world, and you'll be
glad you're still here.

:: text :: unknown 
:: image :: via tumblr

04 May 2015


she wrote 'lonely'
on her body
because that's
what she was

and 'ugly'
on her mirror
because that's 
what she saw

but she never once
felt my lips writing
on every single
inch of her.

:: text :: k.p.k.
:: image :: by villa h.

29 April 2015

27 April 2015

all she ever wanted

All she 
ever wanted
was unpredictable 

:: image :: by heather on flickr
:: text :: by brandon villasenor