02 October 2015

october 2015 free desktop calendar

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october calendar {design 1} :: geo pattern

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october calendar {design 2} :: pumpkins

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october calendar {design 3} :: sugar skulls
Hello my lovelies, here we are again... welcome to October!
Still can not believe how this year has been running from me, and October comes to remind us that there is only 3 months left of it!!
So, let's celebrate the arrival of October with three FREE desktop calendars - which, you know, you can just save as your computer background at a click of the mouse.

Celebrate in style the month of the most beautiful 'changing' season by dressing your tech. October, when...

'The Trees Are About To Show Us How Lovely It Is To Let The Dead Things Go'...!

Wishing you a great month of October.
Pippa xoxo

 :: photo on design 2 - pumpkins :: by The Merry Thought.

28 September 2015

gracefully dancing in the waves

She was 
gracefully dancing 
in the waves.
She finally understood 
how you could feel
so detached
from the world,
yet be at one
with it.

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:: text :: author unknown 

09 September 2015

la nuit est a nous

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one | two
three | four
Today's colour board is an assortment of pinks with a glimpse of burnt orange - just to reminds us that, even though Mr. Summer is packing his bags ready to leave for another year... it is always worth the wait!

04 September 2015

cactus collection

cactus collection at society6

Hello there!
Inspired by our latest FREE desktop background {see it here} I have designed a brand new collection to my society6 store. A watercolour cactus in turquoise with geometric details.

What do you think of it?
My favourite has to be the super funky leggings... can't wait to wear mine!

Come by and visit sometime!