15 June 2015

all the golden lands

But why think about that
when all the golden lands
ahead of you and all kinds
of unforeseen events await
lurking to surprise you and
make you glad you're alive
to see?

:: image :: rookie mag
:: text :: jack kerouac

01 June 2015

leave your worries to the sea

leave your worries by the shore line
and run your bare feet through the sand
let the water be a soft bed
when you cannot bear to stand

make friends with flying seagulls
and hold the sun up on your palm
before you duck beneath the water
where the world is mute and calm

tell the fish all of your problems
as they all come swimming past
when your lungs are close to bursting
swim above the waves and gasp

let the water hold your sadness
and wash it right out to the sea
so like a message in a bottle
all your worries are set free

and the sea might make you feel alone
but the world has troubles too
for how else do you suppose
that the ocean got so blue?

:: text source :: unknown 
:: image source :: iceland by andrew gallo 

29 May 2015

recommended :: moonrise kingdom

As the weekend is upon us, and in case you need a little help deciding on the film you're watching later on, here is my suggestion.

Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson in all its glory and beauty to delight your eyes, warm your heart and soul.