01 October 2014

these old hands

Today, the 1st of October is also known as the International day for older persons. Recently I have been invited to visit and photograph a residential care home for the elderly where my friend works as a member of the management staff.
These are a few of the photos I took, even though these were not part of the 'main' job spec, they were taken for my very own delight as I always been fascinated with hands - not only the older ones - and got carried away with this very specific kind of beauty, with no comparison.

So I take this day as the best to share with you these images. Check the next blog post, where I share some of the other photos, mainly portraits from that day, and the amazing people I have met.

How many babies held, children bathed, meals cooked, beds made.
How many other hands were held, all the thousand caresses, the fights fought, the fevers checked, gardens tended.
How much mending have they done, how much care have they shown, how many tears wiped, ribbons tied around little girl’s heads, and every now and then, at night time, they are folded in reverend prayer.
These old hands are beautiful; they carry marks of a story, a story that probably cared for you and brought you up. 
The hands are theirs, but these hands will also be yours too.


autumnal welcome

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30 September 2014

october 2014 free desktop calendar

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october calendar {design 1} :: flowers

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october calendar {design 2} :: chevron

Hello my lovelies, here we are again, ready to welcome a new month!
Boy am I glad September is over...it has been a cruel and challenging month (to say the least!).
So, we will be celebrating the arrival of October with these colourful FREE desktop calendars - which, you know, you can just save as your computer background at a click of the mouse.

Two designs to choose from, as I love to spoil you for choice. Do you like them? Have you picked your favourite?

Wishing you a great month of October and don't forget to share the link.
Pippa xoxo

29 September 2014

seasons change

'It's official a new season has begun.
Maybe our mistakes are what make our fate. Without them, what would shape our lives?
Perhaps if we never veered off course, we wouldn't fall in love
or have babies or be who we are.
After all, seasons change.
So do cities.
People come into your life and people go.
But it's comforting to know the ones you love are always in your heart.
And, if you are very lucky, a plane ride away.'

:: image source :: via tumblr
:: text :: s.a.t.c. series

26 September 2014

recommended :: the grand budapest hotel

If, like me, you are a bugger for the beauty of simmetry, you then need to check Wes Anderson's latest masterpiece.
As a faithful fan of the man himself, every of his films really truly move me - in every sense - so this latest one wouldn't be any different.
Its richness of characters, colour palette, camera movements and always brilliant photography make it an experience in itself, which goes alongside the peculiar character-rich existentialist story .

As usual it offers us a golden cast, some of which are a recurring choice for the director - you have been accustomed to them, you have loved them that many often.. But I will leave you to it - for more information please see the IMDB's link...and make yourself the favor to check it out this weekend (or as soon as you can!).

Have a great weekend.
Pippa xoxo

25 September 2014

30 best d.i.y. halloween costumes for kids

Halloween is upon us, but we still have plenty of time for an improvised 'made by mum' super cool costume - those are undoubtedly the most gorgeous and original ones!

Take a look at these fun and clever ideas from around the globe; from newborns to pre-teens...these have caught my eye all year long and it is now time to share them with you.

I hope you like them as much as I did, and hopefully even, get truly inspired (some gave me the giggles too, I must admit!)

popcorn seller :: via pinterest

baby sushi roll :: via pinterest

Finding a Halloween costume for a new little baby can be tricky. Something comfortable and cozy is top priority for an enjoyable evening out. This costume would be easy to incorporate with normal baby-wear—like onesies, kimono shirts, and swaddling blankets.

Bjork mini-swan dress :: via daytripfinder

baby octopus costume :: via nifty & crafty

80's baby aerobics instructor (with boom box!) :: via homemade by jill

cabbage patch doll :: via costume works

lobster :: via we know memes

popeye :: via apartment therapy

any harry potter fans out there? cute baby dobby :: via cukico

the real baby einstein :: via earnmydegree

baby frida :: via flickr

up! :: via the meta picture

clark kent costume :: via marigold (mom)

baby hipster :: via small + friendly 

babushka costume :: via pinterest 

mini 'moonrise kingdom' costumes :: via skirt as top

soldier 'green army man' :: via wild ink press

circus strongman :: via oh happy day  

rain cloud costume :: via andrea's notebook

airplanes and pilots :: via the frosted petticoat

clockwork orange :: via piccsy

edward scissorhands :: via babble

paper doll :: via spoonful 

charlie chaplin :: via osamu yokonami 

photobooth strip costume :: via oh happy day

snail costume :: via oh happy day

cactus :: via tumblr

flip flop costumes if you're reluctantly not accepting fall has started :: via pinterest

donut costume :: via studio d.i.y.

hawaii snow globe costume :: via flickr

Did you like them?
Have you picked a favourite? Mine as to be the baby sushi, for sure!

Have fun!
Pippa xoxo